Perfumers City Pte Ltd is the retail arm of an established wholesale perfume business with over 35 years of industry experience. Perfumers City is not new to the fragrance and perfume game, so what we offer our customers is timely, genuine perfumes from not only names you know but some new and upcoming brands and scents as well. We constantly attend trade shows and in contact with established perfume brands giving our customers and array of established favourites as well as introducing them to new scents and brands.

We Believe In

Product Authenticity

All our products can be traced to the principal manufacturers and are 100% authentic. We want to build trust and garner loyal customers.

New Brands

In addition to supplying classic favourites we also source for new and upcoming brands. We want to keep our customers perfume library up-to-date.

Gifting Service

Perfumes are often the perfect go-to gift. So, we offer oversea delivery with gift-card all perfectly packaged.



We offer something different to our wholesale customers. Because, we are a retailer as well, we can offer and suggest best-sellers and marketing feedback to our smaller wholesalers on what sells and what to order. We are not only a wholesale but Perfume Consultants and Stylers as well.

This puts us at the leading edge of the industry and gives our customers value-add when they join the Perfumers City Community. Our customers get regular industry updates and market trends, and Tier 3 customers get access to off-sale, discontinued and limited-edition stock as well, should they be interested.


Perfumers City is built on the idea that perfume is the accessory which finishes your style. Style changes with social change, your age, your mood and your personality. Some change is terribly transient, and some are slower to change, either way scent styling requires variety and updating.


At Perfumers City we manage our own warehouse facilities. Our perfumes don’t change hands until it reaches our last mile delivery partners to your door. This ensures costs are kept low and quality is kept high. We look forward to welcoming you into the Perfumers City Community.

Perfumers City was created

by an inspired team of men and women from the perfume industry who realised that while consumers were willing to try out new colour cosmetic brands, many new and upcoming perfume brands were finding it hard-pressed to find their way into the market. The experienced team at PC set out to develop a marketing and distribution company, headquartered in Singapore, specialising in scent sales allowing customers to experiment with new brands and scents thereby keeping their personal scent library current.

Gone are the days when customers embrace a signature scent. Instead they want to express themselves and have the choice to scent themselves according to their mood, personality or fashion sense.

Welcome to the Perfumers City. Discover the old, the new the hallowed and something that's simply ... you!

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