Should You Buy A Larger Perfume Volume Size. Here are the Pros and Cons To Help You Make The Decision.

On the subject of perfume bottle sizes, I’m sometimes asked: Which size is the best size to buy? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but here’s some guidance.

Using A Perfume For The First Time

If you’re buying a perfume for the first time, then I would recommend buying one of the smaller sizes (30 mL or 1 FL. OZ. and less). This is especially true if you are one of those people brave enough to buy perfume online without trying it.

Even if you’ve actually gone into a perfume store and tried something new and liked it, I wouldn’t buy the biggest size. This is also true for scents that you only wear for special occasions and don’t want to wear all of the time. Consider buying something small.



Test One Fragrance for Several Hours

Chances are you tried a number of different fragrances in the same session, and as they all began to mingle, your impression of an individual fragrance would have been affected.

The way a perfume smells on your skin changes the longer you wear it. So ideally, you really need to test one fragrance for several hours to know if it’s going to work for your nose. Spray or spritz it on your skin to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Save Money and Buy Big

Are you considering buying a favourite fragrance you wear nearly every time you go out? Then it’s safe to assume you already know what you’re in for, so go for the biggest size you can afford. Instead of buying small quantities, purchase your favourite original or iconic scent for a reasonable price. Per milliliter, it works out much cheaper.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the perfume going bad before you’ve finished it. As long as you keep the bottle cool and out of direct sunlight, it should last at least a year, especially if it is a spray bottle.

Consider A Travel Set for Your Handbag

Then, of course, there’s the issue of handbag size. The only drawback to buying a 100 mL bottle is that it’s not so great for carrying around. If you really want to spoil yourself, buy a full-size bottle for your dresser and a 15 mL bottle to travel. Alternatively, look out for designers like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, who offer some of their fragrances in handy 3 x 15 mL travel sets.



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